The Pets.


Chewy was adopted in February of 2013.  He is an Australian Shepherd mix (with what we assume to be Rottweiler) and he is a big baby.  He gets along with his cat roommates, for the most part, and loves walks in the park.  When you put tennis shoes on, he goes wild thinking it’s time for a walk…so many false alarms when simply going to the store or work.  Chewy is commonly called, or affectionately known as Chew-Chew, Gooby, Chalupa, My Little Toasted Marshmallow, and Bubba.  He doesn’t sit still until you’re in the car for about 20 hours and he hates the water but loves boat rides.  He loves all creatures, but comes off as a jerk.  He will play, chase, and play-fight with other dogs, and seems to be harmless overall.  He will not run if I run, but he will walk faster if I slow down – what a goof.


Lord Meatloaf was adopted in the summer of 2012.  He was originally named Raschall (spelled funky like that) and was owned by an old woman.  He was about 8-10 years old when we took him home and he’s been through hell and back.  Meatloaf likes to roam the streets, or liked to – he’s on house arrest after a near death experience that cost a pretty penny.  He was declawed before adoption, which is sad, but he can hold his own!  He is our only pet with a tail and despite all efforts he remains overweight.  He purrs loudly, loves neck scratches, and can be very snuggly when hungry.  He will sit at the patio door, meowing loudly, demanding to be let out to lounge in the sunshine.


This kitty is Eric’s originally, well him and his roommates adopted him when in college.  He is commonly known as Princess Kitty or Princess or Princeeeee.  He is a needy little cat, with a nub for a tail.  He is totally street and was in a big fight before adoption.  Knowing him now, you’d never know this.  This cat is terrified of going outside, yet whines at the door to go out.  Weird.  He loves to snuggle, the only one that willingly does it for fun, and he sleeps like the photo above on the regular.   He will wake me up for food, take one bite, and walk away.  I think he loves me more, but don’t tell Eric.