Iced Coffee…hold the HWC.

It’s been too long.

Today I’m getting back on track with – at the very least – tracking my food, avoiding quick food from shitty places, and eating less.

I brought a big ass salad for “lunch” tonight, some grapes as a side, an apple, and sting cheese – I have no desire to eat any of it on account of how bloated I feel from the past week or two.

Part of the 6 Month plan the partner and I set up was for me to be able to run a 5k.  I’m going to start that when the rain isn’t falling… 4 weeks to a mile, then 6 to a 5K so 10 weeks or so total – depending how often I need to repeat.

Part of our immediate financial plan within the 6 Month plan was to reduce spending and save even more than I already was… so, planning meals and eating out less will help with reaching that goal.

I guess I can start staying after at work and using the gym, one good thing about working here.  I hate the gym and working out indoors, but it’s available for free so why not?

I’m on my second 30 oz glass of water for the evening – hydration is something I’ve been lacking and it also keeps me awake… and with the AC not working in our section of the floor, I need ICE COLD water to prevent death.

Anyway, this is the plan… no extremely low carb, no extremely high fat, no extreme anything.  Everything in moderation, which usually means far less sweets and booze.  Sugar really doesn’t work well with my body, and I’m aware of this.  Hopefully, with a reduction in my sugar intake, my body will hate me less.


My Success.

The only way I am going to continue to get healthier is if I continue on the path I’ve started.

  • Tracking everything I eat in MyFitnessPal religiously (Even going out, many nutrion facts are available on the website or by estimating to get the general idea)
  • Avoiding dinner or lunch out to places I know will tempt me to overeat
  • Drinking an abundance of water throughout the day
  • Exercising at least 4 times per week
  • Avoiding booze and indulging with mindfulness
  • Maintaining a limit for daily caloric intake
  • Earning extra calories by doing more strenuous cardio
  • Keeping “bad foods” out of the house
  • Doing this for me, and only me
  • Rewarding myself with cheese – it really works for me
  • Knowing that I will be better in health, in activities, and in size
  • Setting a cheat day – I know many people say cheat days are evil, but I think a reward is in order for good behavior.*
  • Talking to others and motivating one another

*I had a cheat day on Easter Sunday and I have to say I wasn’t ready for it.  I lost control and I had too much cake instead of a modest portion.  This is how I know I need to set the next one further in advance and plan it a little better.  I am hoping to be “good” through spring and allow myself some cheats in the summer when road tripping and visiting family.  I’m a firm believer that once I get the portions under control, I’ll be able to shift to allow for more variety in my diet.  Right now, I’m trying to control my urges to binge and since 2/17 I’ve been extremely successful with the exception of Easter (even then, the total intake for the day was not as bad as it could have been)

Just knowing that my clothes are fitting better already and my face is much more adorable is helping me realize it can be like this ALWAYS.  Thank you to anyone that has shared their secrets to success, a kind word, or just lets me babble on about this.  It’s a big deal for me.



Little Things.

I am down 30+ pounds today.  It’s not about the numbers, but it kind of is.  When the numbers go down, I start fitting in to my clothing again.  When I start fitting into my clothing again, I feel better about myself.  When I feel better about myself, I am a happier person and thus a happier person to be around.  Winning all around.

A month of hard work and a pound per day or more.  Winning all around.