Full stop.

Today started with a Starbucks mobile app order for TWO venti iced Americanos.

Woah, vacation is over and that is poopy.  I spent the past 11ish days in Alaska and I miss it already.  The air was so fresh, the trees were so green, and the people were so fit.  Talk about motivation – these people hiking to glaciers and on trails were inspiring.  I’ll do a full write up of our adventures in Alaska in a few days, but I’ll sum it up as being one of my favorite places ever.

We boarded a plane on July 4 at 11pm local time, which is 3 hours behind Dallas time, and arrived via two flights to Dallas at noon July 5.  Yesterday was a blur.  I must have snuggled the cats for a while and fell asleep.  We went to get Chewy the dog, and boy did I miss his rotund body.  So happy to be reunited with the pets and so happy that the cats did not go crazy and ruin anything while we were gone.  We are lucky dudes to have friends to watch the dog and check in on the cats – but I think we’ll start using services to relieve them of the burden.

Today, I’ll be working one of two days this week and let me tell you – it’s weird.  My brain can’t really comprehend that I’m at work and my body just wants to be in bed.  I slept weird yesterday due to the overnight flights and such, so I was up at 3 and kind in and out since then until it was time to shower and go.  My work pants are a little tight, despite increased activities over the vacation – the food was just too good I guess.


Hope you all have a great week(end) ahead.


Alaska: 86 days away

Vacation time has been confirmed
Seaside camping cabin reserved
Alaska is happening in June!

I’m so excited to be visiting family in beautiful Alaska during the warmer months.  Winter was pretty, and not as bad as I had anticipated, but I’m ready to enjoy the outdoors a little more than our previous visit.

With a date set, I have a new goal: to feel less fat on the airplane.  I’ve come so far with getting healthier, with this week being a little speed bump, and I want to keep pushing forward.  I am going to lose more weight and increase my hiking/exercising time for the next three months in hopes of improving my stamina, reducing my width, and adjusting my attitude.  I want to be able to enjoy the plane ride, hike with ease, and make the most of the ten day trip.

Here’s to keeping the vision in focus and knowing I can accomplish more.