About Me.

Hey there!

Hatcher Pass, Alaska – June 2017

I’m Mike and I work as an environmental tech for a company in Texas, live with my other half and pets, have an adventurous spirit, and I have a hard time saying no to an adventure.  This blog is really just a brain dump with no real intentions, so take don’t read too much into anything on here.  If you like it, that’s cool – if not, that’s cool too.  I believe in protecting public lands and I feel education regarding the outdoors is vital to a use/preservation balance.  I’m from Michigan and have been only been in Texas since 2011.  I look forward to moving somewhere else eventually, maybe more north and west.

Current Project: 52 Hikes With Mike (2018)
I’m currently hiking each week for a year, or at least 52 times in 2018.

Things I enjoy

  • quiet coffee time
  • long hikes in the woods
  • road trips
  • nonfiction books
  • the Great Lakes
  • the Pacific Northwest
  • big trees
  • camping in a tent
  • sunrises
  • freshwater
  • baking/cooking
  • dark beer, red wine, bourbon

Things I’m learning more about

  • GIS, mapping – mostly refreshing
  • backpacking
  • outdoor survival
  • plants, animals, and ecology

Goals for 2018

  • 3-day +/- backpacking trip
  • climb a mountain
  • double my hiking miles from 2017
  • buy a kayak
  • cross-country ski
  • use my snowshoes at least once
South Rim Grand Canyon – March 2015
Sequoia National Park, California – August 2017

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