Utah Ideas.

Out of all of the possible places to go on a weekend getaway, Salt Lake City was the best bang for the buck.  I looked at Charleston, to visit little sister, but the flights were outrageous and didn’t coordinate with my time constraints.  I looked at various flights to Michigan, realizing that they were too expensive and not that great on timing.  I looked at Portland to visit friends, but again the timing and price were off.  I checked multiple other cities with nearby nature and Denver was a close second but Salt Lake City won with low fares and a PERFECT schedule.  Can’t be getting off work on Friday, flying out and not leaving til Sunday at 8 PM.

I do not feel bad, whatsoever, for booking this flight and going on a (potentially solo) weekend road trip of Southern Utah.  I’ll be seeing family in June when we go to Alaska and again in December when we go to Michigan.  This is my trip!  So, if anyone comes with me or meets me there, I am sort of open to suggestions but mostly have my mind made up on what I want to accomplish in the 48 hours.  If anyone wants to tag along, I have schedule requirements so just get in touch.

I spent some time over the weekend researching, followed by some time this morning doing more research.  I like planning and making lists, even if I don’t stick to them.  The plans will vaguely include Capitol Reef NP, Bryce Canyon NP, and Cedar Breaks National Monument.  I want to drive to the Devil’s Backbone, but nothing is mandatory.  There are a few short hikes in Capitol Reef I’d like to do, and at least one at each Bryce and Cedar Breaks.  I like to have more things on the list than I can do, just to have some knowledge about everything.  I like to know what’s out there, and play it be ear–or eye–based on what looks more fun in person.


Author: Mike.

32 - Texas - adventure seeking thirty-something always looking for an excuse to get out of the city.

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