Hostile workplace.

If I were making a Starbucks run, I’d ask if people wanted stuff… not just the one person you were talking to (loudly) in front of everyone else.  But, I’m not a racist, xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic person either.

No workplace is completely okay, but this place is taking things to an extreme in the most negative way possible.  It goes beyond not asking about Starbucks or even the lack of a follow through on plans and career development.   These people speak of wanting to hunt people of a certain religious group down, think certain races are awful, and want to repeal marriage equality.  Working in Texas has challenges – but this is starting to be too much. I can speak up, as I do about how these things are terrible… but higher management is just as bad and this was already two people in two different levels above me.  I can be fired for any reason, their word against mine because I’m a contractor and all they have to do is say I was not performing – I replaced I guy they did that to five months ago.  So, I’m left towing a line of mildly defending the rights of everyone (and myself) and keeping my household’s sole source of income.

This is why I apply for AT LEAST one job per day.


Author: Mike.

33 - Texas - adventure seeking thirty-something always looking for an excuse to get out of the city.

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